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Sylvanian Families


Don’t forget to check out our ebay Sylvanian Families page. In addition, we have other Sylvanian items in our shop in Chester Market which are not listed on ebay.


A Brief History

Sylvanian Families are small toys which feature models of families of small woodland creatures. They originated in Japan in 1985. If you were wondering how they got their name, the name Sylvan means ‘one that resides in the woods’. The toys were introduced into Britain around 1987 and proved very popular. As with many collectables, though the animals had lost their appeal with the Public and they were discontinued in BritainSylvanian Families Meerkat Triplets in the late 1990s. However, as often happens, they became fashionable once again and were reintroduced by a company named Flair. Since the re-introduction, they have enjoyed a resurgence which continues to this day, delighting new generations.

Examples of characters are rabbits, cats, fieldmice, squirrels. You can buy these in packs of families (father, mother, son, daughter) or as individual characters such as single baby figures. Note – when buying the baby figures, there are usually boy and girl versions, the only difference being that the girl figures are dressed in pink and the boys in blue. (Don’t get this wrong or your kids will never forgive you!). Other groupings are available and you can also get accessories and limited edition packs.