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Smurf Display at Our Shop in Chester Market


These blue fictional creatures who live in mushrooms have been around a long time - they were originally conceived in the late 50s and are still going strong now - the new Smurf 2 movie was released in July 2013. For some time now, we have stocked Smurfs merchandise, so please check out what we have at our shop in Chester Market. The picture on the right shows the products we have in stock as of August 2013. This includes vintage original Smurf figures, priced at £3 each. We also have the recently issued Mega Bloks Smurf figures - blind bags (where you don't know what you are getting until you open the bag) are available at £1.99 each and Mega Bloks playsets available at £6.99. We also have packets of stickers and a selection of badges available. Our shop stock is always changing, so please call in to see what we currently have available. Please also check our ebay Smurf Sales.