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Gerry Anderson

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All those who grew up in the 1960s will be familiar with Gerry Anderson TV programmes. Those quirky puppet based programmes where an added attraction was trying to spot the string holding up the puppets brightened up many a schoolchilds day. Later generations were also treated as several of the series were often repeated. Despite their (to today'sThunderbirds Are Go! audience) somewhat amateurish look, they still have an innocence and fascination to them which make them still much loved to this day. Indeed, this is probably what gives them their appeal - this may be the reason the slick 2004 Thunderbirds movie failed at the Box Office - it was Thunderbirds, but not as we know it!


Probably the most famous of the Anderson series was the aforementioned Thunderbirds, but several other series were made, such as Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Space Precinct and Space 1999, the latter two productions being made using real actors rather than puppets.


Gerry Anderson recently tried to buy the rights to Thunderbirds with a view to recreating it with computer aided animation, but sadly was unable to acquire these rights.


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