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3D Pictures

Shown below is a selection of large 3D pictures we currently have in stock. The dimensions of these pictures are approx 30cm by 40cm and most have a thickness of 0.9mm. We stock both single-image pictures and 3-flip images (these are images where the picture changes when it is moved). Vertical designs are shown first, followed by the horizontal designs. We have other pictures in stock in addition to the ones shown. The pictures are priced at £4.99 each. Optionally, frames are also available at £4.99 each when in stock.


Anne Stokes Pictures

Please click here to view our Gothic inspired range of pictures by artist Anne Stokes.

Vertical Pictures

Fairy DreamsWolf HeadSnow Leopard White Snow Tigers Dream Catcher Unicorn and Princess

Horizontal Pictures

AuroraJurassic DinosaursKittens On Log Persian Kittens Mountain Lioness Pink Heart Kittens Polar Bears